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Modernize Your Band Take Music And Drill Digital By Switching to FlipFolder® App

Replace traditional flip folders and dot books with players’ smartphones! FlipFolder app helps directors save time, cuts costs, and makes rehearsals and games run more smoothly. No more missing sheet music, no missed cues, and no paper or plastic needed!


Director Features

Drill Support

FlipFolder isn’t just for sheet music! Directors can upload drill charts and display individual sets on each student’s device at no additional cost. Both directors and students can make private and shared annotations.

Drill Support

ePrint® Integration

Digital sheet music you purchase from J.W. Pepper uploads directly into FlipFolder! Skip the hassle of exporting and re-uploading files and enjoy guaranteed copyright compliance.

Burst Ensembles

Designed for alumni or combined band events, “bursts” allow directors to grant temporary access to their music libraries for just $1 per user. You maintain full control of when participants have access as well as the music and instrumentation available to them.

Burst Ensemble

Direct Your Band with Your Phone or Tablet

Select a song on your device to instantly display that piece on every band member’s device. Send important messages during rehearsals and performances via push notifications.

Director Features

Have Music Ready to Go

Select music ahead of performances and rehearsals – or do it on the fly! Our song wizard makes loading your library a breeze. Share music with your entire band without the countless hours of organizing and cutting paper.

Go Paperless with Our Marching Band App

Help the planet and your band supplies budget by switching to virtual flip folders. Bands have already reduced paper and plastic use by over a quarter-million pieces by switching to FlipFolder App.

Go Paperless

Look Good, Even on TV

Keep your band looking good at sporting events with quick and easy communication. Hot time-outs, commercial breaks, and a myriad of “game marketing” moments are much more easily communicated to the band with the app, making the band, the director, and the school look good.

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Student Features

The Right Music

The Right Music is Always in Front of You

Avoid those awkward first measures with FlipFolder App, where the correct piece of music is provided to the entire band instantly. Everyone is ready to play on beat one, every time!

Dark Mode

Dark Mode Keeps Music Legible When It’s Bright Outside

With FlipFolder App’s dark mode option, the music is always readable no matter how intensely the sun is shining.

Important Messages

Important Messages are Pushed Right to Your Phone

Save your voice with FlipFolder App. Band members will receive all information – no matter how loud fans are.

Less Headaches

Less Headaches!

With FlipFolder App, band members just need their instrument clip and cell phone, which they always have with them, day or night.


Much more efficient


“FlipFolder App makes it so much easier to have music ready to go for our games. There’s no more flipping through paper folder to find music… It makes things much more efficient and a lot easier for everyone involved.”

We are able to control it instantaneously


“One of the things we had been doing previously, especially for football and basketball, is we would use hand signals for any of our long stand tunes or cheers. We still do that, but we are able to control it instantaneously.”



“We’re using FlipFolder App for the second year and I cannot imagine how we ever made it before we starting using it. The flexibility and adaptability to change on the fly has just made a total difference in our program. Perfect!”